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Hatzy Joyce, MAR, MLDUK, BFRP
Natural & Complementary Therapies, Cyprus


Reflexology was used in Ancient Egyptian times, as this oldest pictorial evidence suggests.

It is based on the concept that the health and well-being of your whole body is reflected in your feet (and hands), and by using controlled gentle finger pressure working over the whole foot (or hand), reflexology activates your nervous system, as all your nerve endings, approx. 7000, end there. Small sand-like deposits, called crystals, that impede the flow of energy within the body, are broken down. The treatment is relaxing, yet revitalizing, but most important of all it re-balances all body systems. This achieves physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Suitable for all ages including babies, children, and the elderly. Ideal for those who are wheelchair-bound or bed-ridden.

Benefits include:

• Improves circulation and bowel function
• Helps promote recovery from a stroke
• Improves fertility
• Restores sleeping pattern
• Revitalizes the body


Whilst lying fully clothed on a couch, or sitting in a chair, the therapy is carried out on your bare feet (or hands) using talcum powder (or corn flour), cream or oil. With controlled finger and thumb pressure the therapist works over the whole foot and ankle region intensively for one hour. If you are diabetic, or elderly, the session will be a lot shorter and lighter.

Ideally, to start, you should have 6 weekly treatments to break down the build-up of crystals in the feet/hands. Thereafter, "maintenance" sessions at 2-4 week, and later, 6-week intervals are all that is needed to maintain your well-being.

You are 2 feet away from health!