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Hatzy Joyce, MAR, MLDUK, BFRP
Natural & Complementary Therapies, Cyprus

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Application of multi-layered bandanging of the right arm due to secondary lymphoedema

One part of the Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Programme

Cause of this secondary lymphoedema: Right side mastectomy

Treatment: 1) Manual Lymph Drainage, 2) skin care, and  3) multi-layered bandaging and 4) specific exercises

Opening lymph route to re-route the flow of lymph from the affected side across the midline (sternum) to flow to the healthy side
'Windscreen wiper' movement (Vodder Method)

After the Manual Lymph Drainage multi-bandaging of the whole arm and hand.

Trial with self-adhesive Mollehaft rather than using Mollelast gauze bandages.

A nice neat result.
Verdict: Came off during the day! Mollelast gauze bandages still the best bet.

Foam padding (light blue) to protect the hand.

Arm padded with Cellona soft 10cm & 12cm.

Omitted foam padding on arm, due to high temperatures in Cyprus.
Very firm bandaging of hand to achieve a 'cone' effect.

Tight distally and slowly decreasing in pressure to proximal.

Using short stretch bandages - 6cm on hand, then a 8cm followed by three 10cm on arm.

3rd bandage (10cm short stretch)

This photo shows tension on bandage that needs to be evenly applied.

Finished, after 5th bandage !
Check for 'cone' effect, i.e. firmer pressure at hand and getting progressively lighter, but still firm, up the arm.

This enhances the uptake of excess liquid. The bandaging creates a resistance and allows the muscles to work on the lymph and blood vessels. It also softens fibrosis.

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