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Ear Candling (also known as Ear Coning)

What is the objective of Ear Coning ?

Its objective is to alleviate pressure headaches, sinus and ear canal discomfort. This is achieved by using a hollow structure resembling a “chimney”, which is lit at one end creating a gentle suction effect that draws smoke down the “chimney i.e. ear cone” into the ear cavity. The movement of air along the cylinder creates a vibration, which has a massage effect on the ear drum and releases pressure within the ear, sinus and head area. The burnt herbs in the smoke pass into the bloodstream by osmosis.

Ear Candling DOES NOT clean wax from the ears! This is a misconception.

However, the smoke does warm the earwax allowing it to come to the surface naturally to be removed manually.

Historically, ear coning was practiced in Siberia, China, and by the Native American Hopi Indians who used them for health, rituals and initiations. Since antiquity, fire has been known to have a cleansing effect. The flame from the ear cone cleanses our aura - the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body - making us feel lighter after the treatment.

The Biosun® Earcandles that I use are made from 100%, pesticide-free, untreated cotton that has been soaked in herbs (chamomile, St. John’s Wort, sage) or essential oils. They are coated with beeswax and rolled into a cylindrical shape of about 22cm (8 inches) in length. All Biosun® Earcandles have a safety filter. They have also been approved as a medical product under EEC directive 93/42.


Ear candling benefits the following conditions

Sinus problems
Ear pressure problems (flying or diving)
Tight jaw and neck
Frontal pressure headaches



Whilst lying fully clothed on your side, an ear cone is lit at the top end of the cone, and once smoke is seen coming from the bottom it is gently inserted into your outer ear passage. The smoke slowly works its way into your ear canal getting into every nook and cranny and regulating pressure imbalances. You will experience a pleasant, soothing sensation. The calming, crackling sound from the flame adds to the relaxation. The candle will be burnt down to approximately 8cm and is then extinguished in a glass of water. The procedure is repeated with the other ear, after which it is recommended that you rest for 15 minutes I finish off by massaging the outer ear and lobes. The whole session lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Don't let the pressure build up in your head!